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Cursul de limba engleza, nivel mediu-avansat, isi propune sa dea studentilor care urmeaza cursurile Facultatii de Comunicare si Relatii Publice in sistemul Invatamant Deschis la Distanta (IDD) posibilitatea de a invata si exersa situatii comunicationale si terminologia specifica teoriilor comunicarii, de la foarte simplu la complex.
Fiecare curs este conceput in patru parti, de aproximativ aceeasi marime si importanta in structura generala. Cea dintai componenta este una comunicationala, descriind modelele de conversatie si scriere corecta si politicoasa in limba engleza, de la prezentare pana la scrisori oficiale sau interviuri pentru obtinerea unui post, de la modalitati de concepere a unui articol sau interviu pentru un ziar pana la organizarea unor conferinte de presa.
They were golden days, the 50s. Vittorio De Sica and Carlo Ponti, my Carlo, were doing a project called The Gold of Naples. De Sica said, "I need a Neapolitan girl". Carlo told him "I know a girl, she's called Sofia Scicolone". I was given the role of the pizzaiola (pizza street vendor). It was 1952. I was 17, and I was completely drunk with happiness.

For us Rome was an enchanting place, a city of trams and palaces. I felt like this because I was very young, but there were people 40, 50 years old who felt like me, too, because of what they had gone through during the war. They felt they could afford maybe to start a new life.
De Sica was a sensitive man with great instincts and a great sense of humour. We spoke the same language - almost the way as when you're married a long time and you look at your husband and, with just a glance or a gesture, you know.

Then there was Anna Magnani. When De Sica was planning to film Moravia's new book Two Women, he wanted Magnani to play the mother, and I could play the daughter. When De Sica went to see Magnani, she cocked that hip of hers and said, "No, I can't play with Sophia. What are we going to do together on the set? We are going to kill each other!" As De Sica was leaving, she cocked that hip again and threw up her chin with that beautifully free-spirited air we all knew so well.

"Hah! Why don't you try to give Sophia the role of the mother?" Well, I did play that role. The mother became younger, and the daughter (played by Eleonora Brown) became a girl of 13. And I never played a role better!How is the Romanian manner? We have a unique axis of tenses, with a main point (prezent) with two derivations, one going up (viitor) and one going down (trecut). Of course, we know there are various kinds of past tense - "perfect simplu", "perfect compus" and "imperfect" - and they differ from the point of view of usage (the first is informal, colloquial; the second is the most present in written communication;

the third involves, in a way, continuity), but they cover the same position in the scheme. There is an intermediate tense which functions between present and future (called "viitor anterior" or "viitor apropiat"), expressing an action in the future taking place before another fact of the future. And there is another relational tense, named "mai mult ca perfect", which represents an action in the past happening before something else in the past.
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