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Vigilantism is viewed sign frustration with the system. This sends the messege to people that the police and courts have failed to provide security and justice. This is the reason certain people in society choose vigilantism over what is thought to be right for the people. But, these are often the same people who are in favour of democracy and try to achieve equality among all. Stopping vigilante is not easy, but i believe that films and film makers are doing little to provoke the growing popluarity by giving the idea that revenge killing is acceptable, instead of encouraging society to trust the judicial system.

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If we did not live in a society with other people, laws would not be needed. We would do as we want, with no respect to others. But since individuals began to live with other people laws have been the back bone of society. In Canada we have many laws effecting all aspects in life, laws in business ensure that people keep their promises and laws against criminal conduct help to protect our property and our lives.
Even in a well-ordered society, people have disagreements, the law must provide a way to resolve the confrentations peacefully. Some Dictatorship governments have cruel laws, enforced by police forces free to arrest and punish people without trial.

This may provide a great deal of order, but is looked upon as inhunmain form of control. The Canadian legal system respects individual rights while, at the same time, ensuring that society operates in an orderly manner. In Canada, there is the Rule of Law, which means that the law applies to every person, including members of the police and other public officials, who must carry out their public duties in accordance with the law. In our society, laws are not only to govern our actions: they are also intended to give effect to "social policies". For example, some laws provide for benefits when workers are injured on the job, for health care, as well as for loans to students who otherwise might not be able to go to university.

Another goal of the law is fairness. This means that the law should recognize and protect certain basic individual rights and freedoms, such as liberty and equality. The law also serves to ensure that strong groups and individuals do not use their powerful positions in society to take unfair advantage of weaker individuals. Despite the best intentions, laws are sometimes created that people later recognize as being unfair. In a democratic society like Canada, laws are not carved in stone, but must reflect the changing needs of society. In a democracy, I found out who feels that a particular law is flawed has the right to speak out publicly and to seek to change the law by lawful means.
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