Intelligent system control

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Abstract: Our goal was to developed, implementated and practical experimentated an knowledge-based intelligent software application for control and monitoring of vitally important industrial degassing process from degassing stations. For this purpose we created friendly user interface. This was designed to allow communication between the user and the computer system through a window using images, messages, menus and commands.The data acquired from the process we monitored and driven over with data acquisition boards, Data Acquisition Card (DAQ) and displayed using virtual instruments were created using LabVIEW graphical programming language.The knowledge base is made up by the assembly of all the specialised knowledge introduced by the knowledge expert.
Rules base contains basic information necessary to solve the problem (initial facts) and also inferred facts deduced after triggering of the reasoning performed in the inference engine. The inference engine or interpreter is the core of an inteligente system because it uses the knowledge base to build dynamic reasoning through the selection of trigger able rules based on their order of concatenation.

For this it is necessary to provide an initial state for the facts base from which we can select trigger able rules, this is the filtering operation. The filtering operation is a selection of rules to be filtered, taking into consideration, initially, a subset of rules, and then selecting the rules applicable from this subset. The selection operation performed before filtering is called restriction.

Then, the rules that apply are subject to a control strategy through the selection operation. All these operations are performed automatically by the inference engine that will execute the chosen rules. The state of each element is determined by a "if-then" rule.All rules have been implemented using C ++ and were loaded into the controller through the controller interface.Rezultatele obtinute in urma implementarii aplicatiei inteligente au condus la cererea extinderii implementarii acestuia la inca trei statii de degazare.

Key words: Knowledge, knowledge base, intelligent control, monitoring,, interface , rule-based systems, process industry, degassing station.

The high complexity of the degassing stations and the necessity to monitor the parameters reffering to the :cooling water pressure with water gauge ,depression Gas Extraction , the discharge gas pressure ,concentration of methane ,presence of water in gas filters due to the condensation process , current absorbed from mains electric vacuum pump ,methane gas pump temperature ,the maximum hot water,minimum of hot water ,minimum of hot water ,the presence of methane gas pumps hall ,air temperature, detection of methane gas ignition, the maximum water separator , minimum level of water in the separator, impose intelligent monitoring well mathematical based solutions and concretized by the conceiving of the knowledge-based intelligent systems (Egri A,, 2002) for control and monitoring for a real industrial degassing stations.The intelligent system developed and implemented requires the creation of the following components (Fig. 1): knowledge base, data acquisition module, interface, inference engine, and user interface.The user interface is designed to allow communication between the user and the computer system through a window using images, messages, menus and commands.

The application software developed and implemented (Fig.2 ..) Intelligent Control System main window opens the display of which allows access to menus: Process And Installations (Proc. And Inst.) , Aquisition Data Module (D.A.Q. M), Facts Base, Rules Base, Monitoring And Control (C. and M.) with submenus: control panel (Fig. 3..), synoptic signals (Fig. 4..) and Layaut of the equipment (Fig. 5..).
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