Istoria Transporturilor in Bucuresti

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Istoria Transporturilor in Bucuresti - The begining of the 19-th century marks the begining of the Romanian railroads in Bucharest,changing the life and living conditions of the Romanian population. The advent of the railroads averted an opponent: the animal traction system,not long after the first ride made by the steam locomotive.

Istoria Transporturilor in Bucuresti - The railroads will be fighting hardly with the automobile transports in order to maintain its importance. The first railroad on the Romanian territory was "Linia Carbunarilor" from Oravita to Bazias. In 1845 Gustav Granzsteim said that the charcoal was a very important supply for the Danube navigation.

Istoria Transporturilor in Bucuresti - In 1846 31-th October the council of Viena aproved the construction of a railroad with equin traction that will transport the charcoal from Anina to Oravita.They also approved a quick construction of a normal railroad from Oravita all the way to port Bazias.

On the 20-th of August 1854 the Oravita-Bazias railroad was inaugurated only for the charcoal transportation,being the first railroad ever built in Romania. On the January 12-th 1855 it was assumed by the "Societatea Cezaro-Craiasca Privilegiata A Cailor Ferate Austriece"(St.E.G.),and after a few adjustments it became open to passenger transport.


The Danube-Bucharest channel is a 73 kilometre long canal project that is supposed to link Bucharest to the Danube via the Arges river.
Earliest plans date from 1880,being made by engineer Nicolae Cucu and had a goal at linking the Danube to Bucharest at Oltenita. In 1927 a study by Alexandru Davidescu was published at the Polytechic School and two years later the Romanian Parlament passed the law number 2749 on the building of Arges-Danube channel and of a port in Bucharest published in "Monitorul Oficial" in August 1929.

However the world recession of the early 1930's prevented the government from investing large amounts of money in such projects. Various studyes were published but as "World War II" began they were ignored.

In February 1990 ,the building of the canal was stopped although it was 60 % ready.Currently just the dam at Mihailesti and the micro-hydro plant are functional.

In 1997,Traian Basescu(who was the minister of transports at that time) anounced that the finalizing of the canal requires about 400 milion dollars and four years to be completed,but the financing was not found at that time. In 2005 Adrian Videanu(the mayor of Bucharest) anounced that he intends to finish the work.


The "Anador Group" purchased on the Vasile Lascar street the teritory that was not long ago occupied by the "Getax", a deserted and sad place.
Very few know that here,on the Teiului Street(that was the street's name in 1871) the city hall of Bucharest leased this field,by the time when the trams were still pulled by horses.Also very few know that the same organization puts across the first electrical tram line between the "Uzinele Grozaesti" and "Piata Obor" , being among the first in Europe.

Between the electrical tram lines and the ones pulled by horses takes birth a huge competition that ends in 1896 with a fusion:"Tramvaiele Unite din Bucuresti".

Better known for the elder generations is "Societatea Comerciala a Tramvaielor Bucuresti",which assumes the activity of the older society in 1916 and disables the last line pulled by horses(Line 9,which had its route right by the Vasile Lascar street) in 1929.

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