Lesson Plan - Plan de lectie la limba engleza

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FIRST STEP: Preparing the subject
The teacher is preparing the subject using the pictures from the page 154,and observing the connections between them, making references to the title of the lesson.The students are asking what they know about the special powers of any animal.Interaction between teacher and students uses discussion and anticipation.
SECOND STEP:Pre-reading
After the preparation, students have to be able to anticipate the subject of the lesson.The teacher will make the connection between the title of the lesson and the title of the text: "Natural wonders" connected with "The unexplained powers of animals".
The question between the title of the text is a fact wich is used by teacher to interest to children: Do animals have special powers that people has lost?Interaction uses dialog and explanation.

THIRD STEP:While-reading
Teacher selects some students for reading the text, and after each of the five parts is assure that the main ideas are retained, during the solving of 2nd exercise from page 154.Every one of the parts is analyzed and discussed for keeping the contact with the main idea:The unexplained powers of animals.Interaction uses reading, discussion and comparation.

FOURTH STEP:After-reading
After the text was read, the students are going to solve the 3rd exercise from page 154, where the sections may be chosen more than one. The exercise requires a good understanding of the meaning of the text and gives an example for the students.The 3rd exercise is providing the matters for the 4th exercise from the same page, which is requiring to compare the answers between students and explaining the choices.
Also is required to show if/what parallel phrases did they find in the paragraphs in order to help them.

After solving the understanding and text analysis, the teacher is going to analyze the truthfulness of the parts of the text.
He also ask for a short discussion between groups of students to talk about the relation between pets and humans, and what they think about this telepathic communication, related on the text and the anticipatory behavior.Interaction uses reading,observing and discussion.
FIFTH STEP: Vocabulary reinforcement

This step is divided in two parts composed like so:
1.Teacher is checking that students understood the meaning of the text using the 5th exercise from page 155.
The exercise provide also a way to improve own vocabulary of the students by finding word in the text to mean the same as the phrases given. After solving , teacher can make a short ability exercise by putting students to compose new sentences with the phrases.

2.Teacher will get the contribution of the students for revealing the phrasal verb use.
He can make a short test of reminding by asking students for the cases and meanings of using phrasal verbs, which verbs are phrasal verbs, etc. The 6th exercise asks to rewrite some sentences using phrasal verb formed with the verbs in brackets.After this exercise the students will check their answers in the text.
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