Literature and reading in modern life

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Traditionally, literature holds an important part in our modern life. It leads the way to a very popular type of occupation as reading or lecturing. Reading regards to a sort of a cognitive intellectual exercise which develops thinking, imagination, and dynamic of mind and, at the same time, represents a preferable doing or even hobby, alongside with the daily routines and things to do.
The roots of literature go back to ancient times when they were filled with sense and meaning, told and retold from mouth to mouth, from ear to ear like myths and legends. It had been even earlier than people thought of writing letters in words they spoke and learnt the way to do that. By nature, people are curious creatures and they are constantly interested into everything around and surrounding them.

To be more precise, people are more interested and eager to find out some mysterious or half-known issues. Writers are also people and they live among us. Their main role is to alter and influence our perceiving and sensing of life viewing and things around us. They are readers as well, of course, but at a certain moment they reach the point and level when they feel the need to share some values with other people who, they hope, can benefit and need their thoughts and ideas.

On the other hand, reading stands for some intellectual activity and implies brain counterpart and imagination, too. Very often, characters, things and activities in books are not real or merely invented, but the nicest pattern here is that each of us can share and remember some actions sensed and observed in real life. If you ask me on the topic under discussion, I can express and offer my personal opinion regarding literature, writers, reading and readers, as an occupation, and the relation between writers and readers throughout books.

My idea is that it is a pretty noble piece of work, but writers must possess their basic vocation where they are real professionals within the domain and only afterwards dare to call themselves the people devoted to "the feather - pen and paper". All I know for sure is that inspiration can work miracles and it stands for real not only about writing, but any sphere of human activity, especially arts.
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