Mesterul Manole

Trimis la data: 2010-03-14
Materia: Romana
Nivel: Facultate
Pagini: 5
Nota: 10.00 / 10
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Autor: Andreea_A
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Mira: (enters the room) That nuisance...It's good he left. What have you two been talking about? (Turns candles off while jumping around the room)I've been eavesdropping you know, but didn't manage to understand much... just a word every once in a while...Despair, counting, faith, walls, soul... (With each word blows a candle out)Earth... I don't want to know anything more about all this...What a mix of tongues... no good being human to understand it...
Manole: Mira, don't blow them all out... Come here.
Mira: For our use the light in the corner is enough... don't you think so?(Sits on his knees and twists his hair with her fingers) Were you about to argue with the heavens?
(Manole stares at her)
Mira: It looks like you've tried some spells - look, you've sprinkled sand on your scrolls...

Manole: That's from Gomman's coat. His sheepskin coat. When he starts shaking... dust and sand come out of him...
Mira: He's a big person...(Blows towards the last candle from afar)
Manole: Don't blow it out.
Mira: (Takes his hand and covers the candle with it. The candle goes out.) I want you to stop dreaming... Why do you still want to keep the candles lit?

Manole: I wanted the windows alight so that the keepers might find their way through the night.
Mira: Is it late?
Manole: Judging by the sleepy cock's song, I'd say it's around midnight.
Mira: Judging by the skies it must be even later... and night after night the abbot keeps talking to you...Manole, you're loosing too much sleep.
Manole: For seven years now I've been losing faith ,losing sleep,losing walls ... Have you not been sleeping either?
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