MonaLisa Smile

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In order to achieve this paper I have chosen a film which I found dazzling as far as acting,directing and depth of subject are concerned:'Mona Lisa Smile'.Because this movie has an approach on the society of the '50 and the mentality of those times,and,as well,due to the remarkable way in which the characters were individualized in order to outstandingly depict the era,I feel I could not have made a better choise.
With a director like Mike Newell and the amazing Julia Roberts as the teacher Katherine Watson,there's no wonder that 'Mona Lisa Smile'lives up to the expectations one would have from a movie approaching social themes.Professionalism and complete immersion into the role is also characteristic to the other actors starring in the film:Kirten Dunst,who plays Elisabeth(Betty)Warren,the most conservative of all seniors of the Wellesley College.

A pleasant surprise is the presence of Julia Stiles performing as Joan Brandwyn,probably the most brilliant of the girls in Katherine's class,meanwhile Maggie Gyllenhaal's character,Giselle Levy,uses her spontaneity in order to survive this conventional world.To Ginnifer Goodwin,placing herself into the shoes of the witty Constance(Connie)Baker was an enriching experience as far as acting is concerned,for she was given,and took advantage of various opportunities to sparkle during the movie like never before.

The fist scene presents Betty Warren as she types a general description of Katherine Watson,whose dream has always been to teach at the prestigious Wellesley College.In the next scene we can see Miss Watson traveling by train,then arriving in crowded station a bit before sunset.What is impressive as far as these introductory scenes are concerned is the manipulation of light,in order to better express the director's view on the shots.For exemples,while typing about Miss Watson,Betty Warren's face and the typing machine itself are almost flooded with light,which intensifies the feeling of admiration that the viewer should gather from her.

Moreover,in the train,Katherine is sitting thoughtful and melancholic in dim light,causing us viewers to perceive immediately that she is both enthusiastic about the new prospects,but also a bit unsettled by the unknown.When she arrives,one can notice ,also due to the cinematic medium shots and close-ups,but as well thanks to the reduce lightning,that not knowing what to expect is even more frightening.Desaturation manages to produce a grey/blue effect and to achieve a cheerless atmosphere.
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