My country the Republic of Moldova

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The Republic of Moldova is an independent state situated in the South - Eastern part of the Continent of Europe. It represents the Eastern part of the former Principality of Moldova, known also as Bassarabia and afterwards like the former - Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldova. Nowadays, it has a population of 3,383,332 people, which makes it the most densely populated of all countries in the former USSR area. About 78% of the people are Moldovans or Romanians.
Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova. Moldova is the second smallest of the former Soviet states with a total area of the territory of 33,700 square kilometers. Chisinau is a city of approximately more than 800,000 people which is surrounded by a plenty of suburb living areas, industrial zones and rural agricultural lands. Chisinau straddles the Bik River, a tributary of the Nistru River. Moldova is situated in the Eastern European Time Zone that is the GMT + 3 hours.

When it is noon in Chisinau it is: 11:00 in Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, 10:00 in London, 05:00 in New York, 19:00 in Sydney and 14:00 in Moscow. Summertime (GMT+3 hours) is in effect from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October.

Moldova is a hilly plain landscape and has got one the richest ground in the world, according to the quality and fertility of soils making growing of vegetables and fruits one of the main occupations of the most part of its population here.

At the same time, farmers breed cattle & domestic animals near their houses.The country's average elevation is 147 m (about 482.3 ft) above sea level, with a maximum height of 429.5 m (about 1410 ft). The climate is continental, with some modification of conditions by the Black Sea.

Winters are mild, with average daily temperatures in January between -4 to -7 C ( about 23 to 27 F). Summers are quite warm, with average daily temperatures in July generally exceeding 25 C (68 F) and daily highs reaching 40 C (104 F) above zero on occasion.
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