My plans for the future

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This year I am going to leave school. Before people leave school, they understand that the time to choose their future profession has already come. It's not an easy task to make a right choice.Someone goes further in his education and enter an institute, university or college. Other can start a working career, go into business. There are many universities and institutes in every big city. Our city is not an exception.
If we want to get a professional training, we can enter a technical college. There is a huge number of professions to choose. But we should take our time while choosing our future profession. Some children choose profession their parents want, others do it in their own way while choosing their profession and there are some boys arid girls, who want nothing. Anyway it is a dilemma for all the family.

Fathers usually want their children to follow their footsteps. Mothers don't want their sons and daughters to leave the native town or city. So, they persuade kids to enter local colleges and universities or institutes. To find out the best from the best, we should work a lot.
Because of the wide difference in jobs, we should find out all available information about any possible job. We also need to think about how well we can do what we would like to do.

We have got to know the demand for professions on the local employment market.To make the right choice, we should consider our possibilities, characters arid abilities. To become a good doctor, you must be patient, easygoing and smartA>> The teacher's work requires love for children, much patience, profound knowledge of subjects and the ability to explain and to teach. Detective's job is very stressful. He must be brave, reasonable, smart, fair and strong and have extraordinary brains.

By the beginning of the last year, I wanted to become a doctor. I thought it was a very prestigious profession. I was good at biology and zoology at the 8 and 9 forms. I wanted to help people, who had problems with their health. I know that a doctor should be noble in work and life, kind and attentive to people, honest and prudent. A doctor who is selfish and dishonest can't be good at his profession. I tried to do my best to develop good characters in myselfA>>

Now, I have already decided what to do. I'd like to be a teacherA>> I know that it is very difficult to be a good teacher. It is a hard profession. You should know perfectly the subject you teach, you must be well-educated and well-informed. A good teacher develops in his students a desire for knowledge and love for truth and beauty.
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