Philosophical considerations about some legal-imoral, duplicitary, and rasial behaviors

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The visual or auditory non-linguistic form of influence, communication can be used as an imoral form of manipulation. Inhibitive intimidation cannot be a form of moral influence, manipulation. Sure, you can say that even every argument is manipulative, but not every form of influence is moral. For, instance a recursive exaggerate depreciative evaluation both linguistic or only visual or auditory is an imoral form of domination by intimidationis. Not every form of conquest-behavior is moral-good.
An repetitive negative rejective or depreciative firmness can be very inhibitive, imoral, destructive. There are persons (e.g., politicians, students etc.) that use this kind of behavior to conquer or to elude some truths. In addition, the deceptive rethorical manipulation is very used in our days, without any punisment.

No Social Moral Agency is prepared, by specialists, to detect, struggle, and prevent this form of evil-moral-behavior. There are many victims, but the human society does not want to recognize or is not able to recognize this kind of evilness, anti-good behavior, though that it is real and wrong. Humans, it appear that, do not want to consent against this form of evilness, by ilegalising it.

Some people bahave duplicitary. A duplicity can be contradictory. The contradictors cannot be both truth. That is why, some people are liers. Suposse that a girl love a boy, but she behave as she doesn't love it (e.g., as would hate him, or as would ignore him etc.). This kind of behavior is not lier, duplicitary, contradictory, evil-moral?

If he would be affected by this behavior, she would can say that he cannot see over the appearences, deceptively, cause no one can interpretate, now, very precisely the brain's states. In society we should not leave as enemies. Even in the most powerfull competitions we should have universal good-moral-principles. We should not win anyway.

I hope that the cognitive propagation of this considerations, if they will be shared by many people, will change the world, legaly, in good way. I hate the contradictory bahavior, insincerity, duplicity, hypocrisy, the lie, and the contradiction in general.

3. ABOUT A KIND OF RASIST MENTALITY try walking in their shoes
Most of us love the beauty (e.g., the beaty girls, womans). Most womans love the force and courage of males. Most of us love some superiorities (e.g., in color, muscles, cognition, intelligence, mony, power etc. He can love as (color and woman) a fair-haired-woman. She can love for its muscular superiority a black man. You can love a gipsy, if it is moraly and cognitively superior. No one can prevent a woman to hate other's color, intelligence, cognitive, or rasial inferiority.
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