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Costi Ionita is one of the most controversial figures in Romanian show � biz. Worshiped by some, denied by others, but always in the spot lights, the 25 years old man is named today �The King of Cocktail Music� � status many wished for, and that he won apparently with no great efforts.

Costi Ionita is one of the most controversial figures in Romanian show – biz. Worshiped by some, denied by others, but always in the spot lights, the 25 years old man is named today “The King of Cocktail Music” – status many wished for, and that he won apparently with no great efforts. Music industry rewarded him at the beginning of this year with the Prize for the Best Sold Producer of the year 2000 , for sales of more than 500,000 copies (the real figures go up to 750,000) Few are those who know however, that Costi received a solid music education and that his box office success is mostly based on his native talent. It demonstrated itself since very early in his life, under the careful guidance of his parents who were there for him every time. “God has given me the talent and inspiration, and my parents guided and supported me through the toughest moments and the most important choices in my life.” Very inspirational and full of talent, Costi gave up since childhood years, many of the life's pleasures in order to devote himself to music. Since talent without hard work is worthless, behind the apparently easily obtained success, there are many hours, days, months and years of work. Even now, or particularly now, does Costi divide most of his time between his own studio, DR. STUDIO and the medicine school, which neither money nor success could convince him to abandon or to treat less than seriously. He learned the rules of music business as they came, and this results not only from the ascension of his career, but also from the one of his musical products, most of which are top sales in Romania . Costi's story has a simple beginning, but through the years it proves to be a serious lesson of modesty, tenacity and finally success.

Chapter 1
„I had a very happy childhood – also due to my parents, who made sure I lacked nothing.“
He was born on 14 January, 1978 , in one of the neighborhoods of Constanta city. Costi was never what you would call a good child. When he was young he was a sort of neighborhood's bawdy. „ My mother always received  all kind of complaints from the parents of the children I used to scuffle and that is why she always strived to find various things for me to do, to keep me away from the streets.“ Except for music he also practiced a lot of sports: judo, wrestling, martial arts, (green belt in karate shotokan), field tennis, table tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball, swimming, athletics – owing the sports side of his „career“ to his father.

„I used to do a lot of silly things when I was a child. I remember discovering my attraction for rhythm and drums. My folks had just tiled the bathroom. It was new, nice, green … I grabbed a hammer and started playing at it. I liked the fact that the tiles would sound different when being knocked. So I grabbed a second hammer and started to play different rhythms. And I didn't stop until I had broken all the tiles. When my mother got home and discovered what I had done, I received the most memorable beating in my life – with the water hose! “
Costi's mother was a chemistry teacher. In her lab Costi was initiated in chemistry. He had learned to make some basic experiments, changing the color of substances – extremely fun for a child. And, since he had access to the lab, one time he thought the time had come to move on to an upper level, acids experiments. “I started putting metals into acids. Zinc in hydrochloric acid and also some potassium chlorate (which burns very bad, being used in the making of crackers). I wasn't aware of what the effect would be, so I put it all in a larger test tube and put it on fire. When the mixture boomed, I almost pissed myself for fear. The entire lab smelled like sulphur, worse than Hell!!! Everyone thought a bomb had exploded! Later on, when I got accepted to that highschool where my mother taught, everybody knew me as a bad shilling.”

Also very early in his life, Costi learned that everything is paid for sooner or later. “When I was about five, kids used to play by blowing screws of paper through plastic tubes. The tubes were called “Bermann tube” and were used in constructions. Near my block of flats a school was being built, and I used to go with my friends and take “tubermans” (as we called them) from the construction site to blow screws of paper. There were serious gorilla fights in our neighborhood with those screws. We would glue together more tubes, to make them look like the machine guns we saw in Rambo movies! Only that one day the school building was finished and I entered the first grade in that school. And since the “tubermans” stock had been severely diminished by our playing, and as it was not supplemented, we endured cold for three years in that school (those tubes were used in the thermal system). Only a few rooms in school benefited from central heating. It was then that I realized for the first time that you pay for all that you do in life.”

He started singing very young. “I was in the small group in kindergarten and I sang in the choir. Even now I remember one of those songs… something with “In our Carpathian Mountains …”.” Since then he had been present in the choir permanently, until finishing kindergarten. “I didn't miss any of the festivities and I remember singing in higher tones than the girls.” His parents noticed his inclination for singing and his musical talent, and therefore, once he entered first grade, Costi found himself enlisted in the Pioneers Club, the accordion class. “My folks figured they should fill the spare time I had with something more useful, rather than let me load about. The truth is that I enjoyed it, but, as anything that was imposed on me, it also caused me a lot of stress. If it were by me, I would have been the first in the playground. But, I was an obedient child and I learned, and now I thank my parents for that.” In the accordion class, I had Mr. Radulescu as a teacher, who also was a master in a Romanian folk music band. Costi's diligence soon paid up and he was introduced in the band and went on all kind of tours.

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