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Pop singers and film stars are watched by millions of young people all over the world. Many of these people choose an actor or a singer as role models in life. That’s why I think that singers and actors have a great responsibility; they have to set an example in everything they do because young people will follow their example.

BAC 2002 1-2 ore

1.1)to tell 2)to stay 3)carry 4)to work 5)left 6)must
2.1)left just 2)warning 3)might 4)needn’t have run 5)to watch 6)will have gone
3.1)might as well 2)already 3)is there 4)compass 5)to talk 6)used to be
4.1)the 2)fundamentally 3)revise 4)mustn’t 5)even though 6)should
5.1)the moment 2)are 3)were 4)it’s getting 5)are 6)there is
6.1)these days 2)say; is 3)is; it is much 4)are 5)in a few minutes 6)are; them

1.My flat was broken into while I was away.
2.The more sweets you eat, the fatter you get.
3.John may be busy today, as he has to write an essay by tomorrow. GI-Hasdeu 2002
4.If only I hadn’t told them about it last night.
5.They inquired what had happened that morning.
6.If I hadn’t lost my key, I could have entered the house.

1.If you had listened to me, you wouldn’t be asking these questions.
2.There is no doubt about my being promoted in a month’s time.
3.This was a difficult decision for me to make.
4.We were sent all the documents in time.
5.He may have been seriously ill if he neither came nor called.
6.He was asked what he was going to do.

1.It turned out that the loss of his job was a good thing.
2.There has been growing interest in digital television over the last year.
3.If it hadn’t been for her constant help, I wouldn’t have succeeded.
4.I’d rather you wouldn’t make so much noise.
5.I wish I had known you were in town. I’d have given you a call.
6.Tom didn’t fail the exam and Mary didn’t either/ and neither did Mary.

1.There is no excuse for such behavior.
2.While attending this course you won’t learn anything, believe me.
3.The longer we delay, the less likely we are to clinch the deal.
4.Not having any other alternative I accepted the job.
5.A doctor has already been sent for.
6.I wish somebody had thought of inviting them too.

1.Jim didn’t drink any beer on Saturday night as he usually did.
2.Never have I been to a nicer place.
3.Britain is a much more densely populated country than Canada.
4.So cold and rainy was the weather that nobody would go out.
5.I’d rather you hadn’t invited so many people.
6.Under no circumstances is he to be told the truth.

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