Societatea de infratire Romano-Americana apolitica si autonoma Braila

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People everywhere!...
In your immense power of will and conscience, the DESIDERATUM: " Planet Earth with no military weapons" could be an absolutely realist act of international level !...
And this, not just in a century, but in an entire millennium!...

I, Ec. Diplomat Stefan Gheorghe, president of the Romanian foundation SIRA Braila, a man like every other, am powerfully dominated by the highest feeling of patriotic pride, motivated, without reserves, by the fact that Bucharest was chosen to host the NATO SUMMIT, one of the most powerful international military forces, having the immense responsibility and noble mission to ensure the peace and tranquility of the entire humanity, which is dominated by obvious and numerous political and social contradictions, including the unpredictable and threatening acts of terrorism, acts which find themselves in a unstoppable realist expansion, more and more alarmingly.

I am, for now, the anonymous author of the most spectacular discovery in the history of mankind, the discovery of the positive and negative, flat, virtual, plasmatic nuclear grephon mechanisms, which posses the primordial role in the entire phenomenology of anti-physical/physical processes, indestructibly twined to the chemical ones implied in the non-stop CREATION and SELF-CREATION of the material world through itself, formed from the connected variable-inseparable antimatter/matter.

These virtual grephons are, in fact, the only mechanisms which generate and produce the ceaseless reversibility of the eternal movement of the Unique and Unitary Universe, which was, is and always will the same : "A generalized organism, immortal, with no beginning and no ending." These grephon mechanisms ( which we have exposed to the entire population of mankind through our foundation of scientific and religious solidarity - SIRA-Braila's International Call, appeal launched on the Internet, at the following address : on 08.30.2006) are and represent the pure and active energy with a super-intelligent informational system, beyond any other intelligence of the Universe, even greater than the intelligence of the human being, whose force is the most powerful one in the Universe, in reference to the other four forces which are: the strong gamma force, the electromagnetic force, the weak force and the indestructibly connected anti-gravitational /gravitational force.

These virtual grephon mechanisms - which are actually warm/cold and cold/warm gases, united in an unique and unitary module, spread on the vertical, the horizontal and in every direction, one-dimensional or bi-dimensional, having the function of matter and respectively antimatter, indestructibly connected, in a non-time and non-stop movement, with fluctuant positive temperatures from 1o C to tenths and hundredths of million Celsius degrees, in the case of supernovas and negative temperatures from 0o C to over -213,15oC, in the case of neutronic black holes - are one of the most extended and infinite natural non-pollutant energetic resources of the Universe, which man can value from now on through extraordinary techniques, in comparison to the present ones.

It is needless to say that this discovery must be taken into account by the Bucharest SUMMIT, because the virtual positive and negative grephons could become one of the most powerful and absolutely unwanted weapons of the third millennium, which can lead, through human foolishness, to the disappearance of our planet, with no way of turning back.

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