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Stonehenge - This ancient monument of huge stones standing alone on the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England has been a mistery for centuries. Theories about who built it have included the Druids, Greeks, Phoenicians, and Atlanteans. The reason it was built for can be human sacrifice or astronomy.Stonehenge
Stonehenge - Investigations over the last 100 years have say that Stonehenge was built in several stages from 2800 - 1800 BC. It seems to have been designed to allow it’s builders to observ the astronomical phenomena - summer and winter solstices, eclipses, and more.

Stonehenge - The legend of King Arthur comes with another story of the construction of Stonehenge. It is told by the twelfth century writer, Geoffrey of Monmouth, in his History of the Kings of Britain that Merlin brought the stones to the Salisbury Plain from Ireland. Sometime in the fifth century, there had been a massacre of 300 British noblemen by the cruel Saxon leader, Hengest.

Geoffrey tells us that king Aurelius Ambrosius wanted to create a memorial to the killed men that would remind people of their suffering, so that was when Merlin brought the stones from South Wales. In form Stonehenge is a series of circles made of standing stones around an altar stone in the center.

The engineering required for transporting, shaping, raising and connecting the stones and the precision of their positioning according to astronomical phenomena is true evidence of the knowledge and skills of Stonehenge's makers. The stones we see today represent Stonehenge in ruin. Before Stonehenge was built thousands of years ago, Salisbury Plain was a forest of pines and hazel woodland. Over centuries the landscape changed.

What you see today is about half of the original monument, some of the stones have fallen down, others have been carried away to be used for building or to repair farm tracks and over centuries visitors have added their damage too.

Stonehenge was formerly owned by a local man, Sir Cecil Chubb, and he gave it to the nation in 1918 and it is now managed by English Heritage on behalf of the Government.

It is a place where much human effort was put for a purpose we can only guess. Some people see it as a place full of magic and mystery, some as a place where their imaginations of the past can become free and others hold it to be a sacred place. But whatever viewpoint is brought to it and whatever its original purpose was, it should be treated as the ancients treated it, as a place of honor .
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