The Runaway Universe

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Donald Goldsmith graduated from Harvard College in 1963. He continued his education at UC Berkeley, where he earned a PhD in astronomy and where he later became a professor. Over the years, he has taught astronomy courses at many world-renowned institutions, including Stanford University, Cornell University, and University of California at Santa Cruse. For his achievement in popularizing astronomy, Goldsmith received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Astronomical Society, and the Science-writing Award from the American Institution of Physics.
Goldsmith has written and edited over fifteen books. Some of his most famous works are: Worlds Unnumbered, Supernova! , Voyage to the Milky Way: The Future of Space Exploration, Worlds Unnumbered: The Search for Extrasolar planets, Einstein's Greatest Blunder? The Search for Life in the Universe, The Astronomers, Space Telescope: Eyes above the Atmosphere, Nemesis: The Death- Star and Other Theories of Mass Extinctions, and Mysteries of the Milky Way.

For many years scientists have been attempting to discover the secrets of the universe. For as long as recorded history, human curiosity has been concerned with what the universe is like and how it began. In his book Runaway Universe, Donald Goldsmith describes observations of distant supernova and teams of astronomers who compete to find ways to attack mysteries of the universe, including the bending of light by gravity, the formation of galaxies billion years ago, and the faint after growth of the creation. The Runaway Universe is an intriguing story filled with captivating information about the discoveries of the great astronomers of the twenty century.

The book also addresses the current main problems of cosmology and opens a window into the future of the universe. Throughout the book, Donald Goldsmith emphasizes the historical development of astronomy and examines evidence submitted by the leading groups of scientists in order to demonstrate the advances of astronomy and to illustrate how the present ideas of cosmology have been derived. There are many comparisons offered of what was once known about a particular phenomenon and what people know about it now.

For instance, Goldsmith reemphasizes the geniality of Albert Einstein, first reminding to the reader his greatest contributions to physic, his special and general theories of relativity, and later the author represents Einstein's cosmological constant, "greatest blunder," which could be critical to determine the sought after constants. The author reconstructs the great debate of the famous astronomers Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis about the controversy over the size of the Milky Way and the nature of the spiral nebulae. Goldsmith represents several other scientists such as Edwin Hubble, who determined that the universe is still expanding, and Mark Phillips, who made a key discovery about one of the types of supernovae.
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