The traditional dishes in our country

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The Moldavian cuisine was shaping for centuries under the influence of the Greek, Turkish, Balkan, Western European and somewhat later, the Ukrainian and Russian cuisine. It is however distinctly special. The calling card of the Moldovan cuisine is certainly 'mamaliga' which is a sort of a thick cornmeal gruel typically served with fried fish, scrambled eggs, cracklings, young sheep cheese and sour cream or spicy garlic sauce called 'mujdei'.
Quite many Moldovan dishes are made of vegetables: vegetables are used fresh, cooked, fried, baked, filled, stewed or pickled. Traditional products include corn, string beans, chick-peas and vegetables: eggplants, vegetable marrows, paprika, bell peppers, leek, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, cauliflower and pumpkin.

The availability of diverse vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products results in the vast diversity of appetizers in the Moldovan cuisine. The most popular appetizers include mashed beans with garlic or 'fasole facaluite', bell peppers Moldovan style, fried paprika, filled eggplants and diverse salads made of fresh or pickled vegetables. Appetizers are dressed with oil, vinegar, sour cream, mayonnaise, marinade, and mujdei or scordole sauce.

Garlic and spicy kitchen greens: sulfur-wort, parsley, dill, tarragon, celery, mint; are added to make appetizers more aromatic and spicy. Hard-boiled eggs filled with mushrooms and chicken liver, chicken jelly, meat or fish rolls are also quite popular as cold appetizers. Young sheep cheese in brine is another product extremely popular in Moldova. It is used as such or as a component of many vegetable, farinaceous, eggs, fish and meat dishes.

Popular Moldovan soups: ciorba and zeama; are cooked on the basis of vegetable broth or meat or fish stock. An important component is boiled bran full sour or 'bars'. It is replaced sometimes with citric acid solution or with cabbage pickle in case of vegetable soups. Moldovan soups have typically a mild sour taste and the appetizing spicy aroma of kitchen greens: thyme, sulfur-wort, parsley, dill, tarragon, celery, mint.
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