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I am a school - leaver this year. So, I have to think where to continue my higher education. I have been thinking about that for the recent three years or so and I came to the following conclusion that I am eager to continue my studies at one of the higher education institutions of our country. I have considered all of the subjects that I have at the lyceum and it seems to me that I can feel confident about the humanitarian ones, well, better to say, the foreign languages preponderantly.
My friends advise me to enter the Pedagogical State University Ion Creanga which is located in Chisinau in Buiucani sector. The main reason to them is that the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature here offers a well - motivated and fairly professional background of knowledge, especially in the domain of English Language, Literature and Philology and German Language.

I have got some acquaintances who successfully graduated from this University and currently a making their studies of Masterate and Doctorate in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and in the United States of America. The PSU named after Ion Creanga, in Romanian: Universitatea Pedagogica de Stat "Ion Creanga", is an educational institute in Chisinau, the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Moldova.

It was formed in August 1940 as the Moldovan State Pedagogical Institute, being renamed the State Pedagogical Institute Ion Creanga in Chisinau in 1952, and receiving its current name on 21 May 1992. It is named after the Romanian writer and story-teller Ion Creanga. The university offers Bachelor, Master and Doctorate level degrees.

The staff of professors and lecturers consists of many famous, professional and experienced specialists in the sphere of teaching and instructing the future new teachers. Currently, there are over 6000 students in attendance in nine faculties at the university. These faculties are the following:Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technologies: This is the newest faculty at the university, specializing in computer sciences.

Faculty of Foreign Languages: Founded on 1 September 1948, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature was the first foreign language faculty in Moldova. The college offers language and literature courses in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.Faculty of Psychology and Special Education: The Faculty of Psychology and Special Education was formed in 1992 by merging the Faculty of Defectology and the Department of General Psychology.

Faculty of Philosophy: The Faculty of Philosophy was founded in 1940; the Faculty of Philosophy is one of the original faculties at the PSU Ion Creagna.Faculty of History and Ethnopedagogy: The Faculty of History and Ethnopedagogy represents history and social sciences with specialties in history, geography, civic education and moral - spiritual education. It is one of the original faculties of the university.

Faculty of Pedagogy: The Faculty of Pedagogy was founded in 1957. The faculty focuses on educational training to prepare teachers for all pre - graduate levels of education.Faculty of Arts and Design: The Faculty Arts and Design originated in 1979 when members of the Physics and Mathematics faculty formed the Department of Painting and Graphics. This department was reformed in 1982 - 1983 as the Faculty of Arts and Design.Faculty of Continuing Education and Management: It was founded in 1975, the Faculty of Continuing Education and Management aims at continual training for teachers in leadership positions and for teacher - trainers.
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