The wampas mask

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Barbara Ann had grown up in the East Tennessee mountains, and she knew everything she needed to do to take care of herself and any family she might have. Tommy Joe had grown up there, too, so it was no surprise when the two of them decided to get married. According to mountain tradition, the whole community came together and helped them build their new house deep in the dark woods. It was just a two room cabin for now, but they planned on adding to it later.
On the day of the wedding, everybody from the community came to see them say their vows. Barbara Ann brought a loaf of bread as a symbol of the fact that she knew exactly what she needed to do to take care of her family. Tommy Joe brought a side of venison that he had killed and dressed himself to show that he would always be a strong provider for her. After the ceremony, they moved into their cabin to start the perfect life for themselves in the mountains.

A few days later, Tommy Joe decided it was time to go hunting again. So he got some of his fellas together, and they agreed to meet at his house the next morning. For some reason, the fellas didn't show up, but Tommy Joe decided to go on his own. Barbara Ann tried her best to keep him from going. She pleaded and begged, saying, "Tommy Joe, you know that ol' creature will get ya'. That Ewah will make you crazy if you're caught out there by yourself." But she couldn't do anything to stop him. Everybody knew since the time they were little not to mess with that Ewah in the woods. But Tommy Joe was going out there anyway. It was a good chance for him to show off his hunting skills for his new bride.

That whole day while Tommy Joe was gone, Barbara Ann worked around the house like she always did. But she couldn't help but worry about her husband out there all alone in those dark woods. She tried to wash a load of clothes, but the smell of Tommy Joe on those clothes kept her from doing a very good job. She tried to bake some bread, but for some reason, it never would rise.

Suddenly, Barbara Ann heard a blood-curdling wail from deep in the forest. She paced from the kitchen to the porch and back again, about every five minutes, wringing her hands, terrified about her husband's fate. The sun was starting to sink below the rocky cliffs, and darkness was consuming the land. Where could he be? Hours later, Tommy Joe finally came stumbling out of the woods.
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