Vegetation and Fauna as tourist resource

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Plant formations, especially forests, in addition to the importance of production, environmental protection and scientific, fall and functions of social, recreational and aesthetic with great consequences for tourism. Setting features and values of vegetation and forests is generally required for their differentiated use in tourism activity.
The Forests are considering the following indicators: • Landscape and aesthetic value, especially regarding the composition, type, form and structure of arboretum, the value and presence of endemic or rare species for the flora of the country, can be a tourist attraction or the whole landscape aesthetic value of other objects or landmarks.

The rate of afforestation and forest composition, different for coniferous forests, deciduous, plain traces, equatorial, tropical and taiga the specially designed forest hunting for sport hunting, game growth and recovery of the forest along the water aside for hunting or surrounding natural and man-made lakes, the forests are reserved hunting; • scientific value due to the presence of endemic or rare species of plants, plant associations or types of arboretum of a high cognitive and scientific values, natural reserves, national parks and biosphere reserves;• geographical location of forests to urban and industrial centers and tourist settlements, tourist resorts and spas etc. [1, p. 71-72].

O1. We distinguish the following type of forests:
Temperate Deciduous Forest is located in Eastern United States and Canada, Western Europe and parts of Russia, China and Japan. The forest floor in temperate deciduous forests supports mosses, ferns and wildflowers and the understory supports a variety of shrubs and ferns. Maple, oak and birch trees are some examples of the deciduous trees that dominate these forests. There are also small numbers of evergreen trees such as pines and fir.

Temperate Coniferous Forests are typically found in coastal areas with mild winters and heavy rainfall or in in-land mountainous areas with mild climates. Examples of where these forests are found are Pacific Northwestern United States and Canada, southwestern South America, Southern Japan, New Zealand and small parts of northwestern Europe (Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and Norway).

Evergreen conifers dominate these forests. Due to the high levels of precipitation and moderate temperatures, there is a long growing season, resulting in trees that grow very tall. Dominant tree species found in temperate coniferous forests include cedar, cypress, Douglas fir, pine, spruce and redwood. There are some deciduous trees such as maple, and mosses and ferns are common.Tropical Rainforest is found around the equator like Africa and Amazon. Trees in the tropical rainforests grow between 82 and 115 feet tall and are typically broad-leafed trees. Other plants include ferns, vines, mosses, palms and orchids.

Boreal (taiga) Forests are found in Canada, northern Asia, Siberia and Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland). About two-thirds of the world's boreal forests are found in Scandinavia. Trees are mostly evergreen and include species such as spruce, fir and pine. The understory is limited because the canopy is so dense. [2]

A savanna, or savannah, is a grassland ecosystem characterized by the trees being sufficiently widely spaced so that the canopy does not close. The open canopy allows sufficient light to reach the ground to support an unbroken herbaceous layer consisting primarily of grasses. [3]
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