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I had the opportunity to stay a few days at famous place in "the mountains of Switzerland" ( see Space Energy News letter, March 1992, Editors D. Kelly & M. Marino). Since a few years I have contact with persons who are friends of the Mathernitha community, although they are not members. Two of my colleagues have made measurements on three of the earlier models and found no tricks or hoax with the technique, Paul Baumann, who is the inventor of the devices is the only person who knows why these machines work! He does not claim to have discovered all by him self.
The "design" of the energy technique was "given to him" by "spiritual entities". This is hard to understand, and I am not willing to accept this claim. Nevertheless I must say that the community as such is a well functioning body Without going into many details I found that the spiritual way witch is instructed there has some nice aspects, a bit fantastic, we would say, I discovered the roots of their teachings.

Please take this, what I can report (with out adding my own fantasies) : Paul Baumann once explained to my friends that the ancient Egyptians have known the technique as well, to make use of this energy which is at every place in the Universe. When Paul Baumann was a young boy he often went into the forests and over the high plains in the area. Once an "old person" appeared and gave him helpful advises. This happened several times . Later Paul joined a small group of serious people. A community began to form. He became an important character amongst the growing group. His many talents helped a lot to its development.

Here a hint where you trace the "philosophy" of these people: When I heard the name "Spalding" being mentioned I know where I have to research. In the year 1894 an American expedition group was traveling to India for research (this I call a "guru-trip") It was the time when H. P. Blavatske wrote books such as "The Secret Doctrine". What the people at Mathernitha seem to do is : they try to practice "The Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" according to the books by Baird Spalding, in a Christian manner. (Spalding has been accused to be a crook - Grosche).

- This still does not explain why and how the Testatika runs and puts out some kilowatts of electric power!
I do not want to spent all my remaining days to ferret in this energy theme. There are other still more interesting phenomena, e.g. Technically supported Transcommunication. I know the experts in this activity. This will be my future field.
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