American history

African American History

African American History.INTRODUCTION  African American History or Black American History, a history of black people in the United States from their arrival in the Americas in the 15th century until the present day.

In 1996, 33.9 million Americans, about one out of every eight people in the United States, were black. Although blacks from the West Indies and other areas have migrated to the United States in the 20th century, most African Americans were born in the United States, and this has been true since the

Martin Luther King, Jr.Martin Luther King, Jr., emerged as a leader of the American civil rights movement after organizing the famous 1955 bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama. Throughout his career he pressed for equal treatment and improved circumstances for blacks, organizing nonviolent protests and delivering powerful speeches on the necessity of eradicating institutional racial inequalities.

In 1963 King led a peaceful march between the Washington ...

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by Isacescu Vlad
Chicago (city), Illinois, United States. Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States and one of the country's leading industrial, commercial, financial, and transport centres. It extends some 47 km (29 mi) along the south-western shore of Lake Michigan, occupying flatland traversed by two short rivers: the Chicago River and the Calumet River. Both rivers have been linked by canals with the Illinois and Mississippi rivers, establishing Chicago as the connecting point in the waterway route between the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes-St Lawrence Seaway. The city's rapid growth was due in large part to its location, with ready access to markets and raw materials; it has the world's busiest airport, Chicago-O'Hare International Airport. The population of Chicago in 1992 was estimated to be 2,768,483 (3,005,072 in 1980). The immigrant heritage of Chicago's population remains very strong, and there is hardly an ethnic group in America not represented there. ...

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African american history

Africans and their descendants have been a part of the story of the Americas at least since the late 1400s. As scouts, interpreters, navigators, and military men, blacks were among those who first encountered Native Americans. Beginning in the colonial period, African Americans provided most of the labor on which European settlement, development, and wealth depended, especially after European wars and diseases decimated Native Americans.

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Tower Bridge History

Nowadays, the bascules are still operated by hydraulic power, but since 1976 they have been driven by oil and electricity rather than steam. The original pumping engines, accumulators and boilers are on show as part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition, and you can also see the current machinery and control cabins when you come on a "Behind The Scenes Tour". (Behind The Scenes Tours must be pre-booked)

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American Literature

American Literature: Drama, literature intended for performance, written by Americans in the English language. American drama begins in the American colonies in the 17th century and continues to the present. Most American plays of the 18th and 19th centuries strongly reflected British influence. In fact, no New York City theater season presented more American plays than British plays until 1910.

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American Football - atestat

Situated in the middle of the rear line of each end zone are goalposts, consisting of a 10-ft (3-m) vertical pole topped by a horizontal crossbar. Two vertical posts extend up from the crossbar, 18 ft 6 in (5.6 m) apart. Kickers score extra points (worth one point) and field goals (worth three points) by kicking the ball above the crossbar and between the posts.

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History of Education

In Russia Russian tsar Alexander II initiated education reforms leading to the Education Statute of 1864. This law created zemstvos, local government units, which operated primary schools. In addition to zemstvoschools, the Russian Orthodox Church conducted parish schools. While the number of children attending school slowly increased, most of Russia’s population remained illiterate. Peasants often refused to send their children to school so that they could work on the farms. More boys attended school than girls since many peasant parents considered female education unnecessary. Fearing that too much education would make people discontented with their lives, the tsar’s government provided only limited schooling to instill political loyalty and religious piety.

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American presidents

He made known his views about the slavery to the public when he was elected to the Congress. In 1858 Abe ran for the Senate as a republican but he was defeated by Stephen Douglas. After that in 1860 he narrowly defeated Douglas in the race for president. When he tacked the office in 1861, many states had left the Union, and made a new county the Confederate States of America. When some soldiers fired on fort Sumter who was held by the Union, that thing signaled the start of the Civil war.

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Rasele umane

Cu totii apartinem aceluiasi grup de fiinte – specia Homo sapiens, dar in cadrul acestui grup exista cateva tipuri fundamentale numite rase.
Exista patru rase omenesti de baza: caucaziana, mongoloida, australoida si negroida. Fiecare rasa poate fi impartita in mai multe populatii.
In general, caucazienii au pielea deschisa la culoare. Aici sunt inclusi majoritatea europenilor antivi, nord-africanii, popoarele Orientului Mijlociu si indienii.
Mongoloizii au si ei pielea mai deschisa, dar farta si nasul sunt mai late. Aceasta categorie include nu doar chinezii si inuitii, ci si americanii nativi.
Australoizii tipici au pielea de culoare inchisa si includ aborigenii si locuitorii multor insule din Pacific.
Negroizii au pielea inchise si au un maxilar inferior mai mare, nari mai mari si buze proeminente.
Deplasandu-se dintr-o regiune a lumii in alta, grupurile rasiale au fost nevoite sa se adapteze diferitelor conditii climatice si de viata ceea ce a determinat evolutia grupurilor ...

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site biblioteca

b)Global Gateway-cu informatii despre resurse si cultura universale. Pe aceasta pagina exista un link catre bibliotecile lumii si colectiile acestora-Collaborative Digital Libraries.Acesta program prezinta bibliotecile lumii- digitale,bilingve, multimedia si constituite impreuna cu parteneri internationali. La accesarea linkului se face o trimitere la o pagina distincta care contine subiecte bilingve-in engleza si limba nationala-aceste subiecte sunt:

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Revolutia americana si revolutia franceza

Revolutia americana si revolutia franceza - În funcţie de unghiul din care este privită, revoluţia americană poate fi considerată moştenitoarea Revoluţiei engleze sau evenimetul care anunţă Revoluţia franceză. Adevăraţi „fii ai libertăţii”, acţionând în spiritul constintuţionalismului englez, americanii şi-au proclamat independenţa. Revolutia americana si revolutia franceza

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Revolutia americana

Revolutia americana - Pana la sfarsitul secolului al XVIII-lea in cele 13 colonii exista o populatie de aproximativ 3 milioane de locuitori , majoritatea de descendenta britanica. Orasele erau mici dar prospere; Philadelphia era cel mai mare oras, cu o populatie de 40000 de locuitori, urmat de New York, cu 25000 loc.

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Modelul economic american si cel japonez

Modelul economic american si cel japonez
2. Resursele primare de care dispun Statele Unite, sunt printre cele mai importante de pe glob. Rezervele ei energetice - in special sub forma de gaz natural si de carbune - sunt imense. Cu exceptia catorva minereuri strategice, ea poseda aproape toate metalele. Potentialul uman american al patrulea din lume din punct de vedere numeric, insa primul in randul tarilor civilizate, constituie la randul ei o bogatie fara echivalent. Deci, s-ar putea spune ca acest stat sta pe un munte de aur.

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Independenta americana

Turgot, devenit ministru, a incercat sa aplice reformele lui in stat. Opozitia celor privilegiati- nobili si Parlamentul- l-au silit pe Turgot sa demisioneze chiar in momentul in care Congresul din Philadelphia proclama independenta coloniilor americane si-l insarcina pe Jefferson sa redacteze Declaratia. Burghezii din America si-au dat repede seama de rolul acestor idei si au pledat prin acte cauza libertatii comerciala si au impus realitatii tezele clasei burgheze. Ei au putut stabili fara greutate termenii Declaratiei Dreptului Omului. Textul lui Jefferson a aparut tuturor ca expresia convingerilor lor. Nu mai ramanea altceva de facut decat sa se impuna Angliei respectarea hotararilor luate de cele 2 milioane de americani. Curand s-a vazut cu ochii ca nu vor reusi sa obtina singuri respectarea.

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Alfred Mahan si geopolitica americana

R. Fifield şi E. Pearcy consideră că Alfred Mahan şi preşedintele Roosevelt sunt printre cele mai mari personalităţi ale geopoliticii americane (“Geopolitics in Principle and Practice”, pag.82). Mahan a fost un autor de seamă care şi-a elaborat opera în termenii strategici de care SUA aveau aşa de mare nevoie la acea vreme, iar Roosevelt a asigurat transpunerea în practică a multora dintre ideile gânditorului american. Achiziţionarea Canalului Panama în 1903 şi deschiderea lui efectivă în 1914, acţiune iniţiată de preşedintele american, a pornit şi de la evaluarea făcută de Mahan.

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