History of hollywood

History of Hollywood

Although it is not the typical practice of the City of Los Angeles to establish specific boundaries for districts or neighborhoods, Hollywood is a recent exception. On February 16, 2005, Assembly Members Goldberg and Koretz introduced a bill to require the State to keep specific records on Hollywood as though it were independent. For this to be done, the boundaries were defined. This bill was unanimously supported by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and the LA City Council. Assembly Bill 588 was approved by the Governor on August 28, 2006, and now the district of Hollywood has official borders. The border is shown at the right, and can be loosely described as the area east of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, south of Mulholland Dr., Laurel Canyon, Cahuenga Blvd. and Barham Blvd., and the cities of Burbank and Glendale, north of Melrose Avenue, and west of the Golden State Freeway and Hyperion Avenue.

Note that this includes all of Griffith Park and Los Feliz—two areas that were hitherto ...

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The godfather

The movie contains realy patter like:
“I’ll make you an offer that you can’t refuse”.
Don Corleone was a pacifist man and in the same time the best negotiator of his time.
Another of his patter has like this:
“We met all here today to make a pace too many lives were lost and too much blood was spend for nothing so let’s make a pace and I swear on Good that I will not break the pace”.

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The Hollywood Stock Exchange

Cantor Fitzgerald L.P. is a financial services firm with operating units that are involved in a variety of market-basedş business initiatives. From its position as a leading financial intermediary in both the equity and fixed income markets, Cantor has expanded the scope of its business to include portfolio trading, investment banking, financial spread betting, market advisory, energy brokerage, CO2 emissions trading and electronic trading technology. Cantor brings its experience and expertise in the financial markets and its legacy of innovation in technology to benefit institutional investors and traders around the world.

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My favourite actor-Mel Gibson

I like him because he isn’t just an actor, but a director and a script-writer too. He acts his roles in a way that makes you think he’s one with the character; he is not false in gestures or in lines, he lives the character’s story.

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Tom Cruise

Cruise received praise for his performance in Rain Man (1988), in which he played the brother of an autistic man. In Born on the Fourth of July (1989), he portrayed a veteran of the Vietnam War (1959-1975) who becomes an antiwar activist. For his performance Cruise won the Golden Globe Award as best actor in a drama.

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History of Bistrita

Proof of the strong economical development are some of the city's architectural structures, some of which can still be seen today :
- The Gothic Cathedral and its 75-meters (246 ft.) steeple overlooking the city. The construction started in 1470 and finalized almost 100 years later (1564)

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Until the mid-1800, the vast reaches and resources of California belonged to Mexico. When the United States defeated Mexico in the Mexican War of 1847, the original Mexican landowners, with the help of some slippery laws, lost their sprawling estates to farmers from the East. Adobes were replaced with wood frame houses with porches and windmills. Rancho La Brea, in the area now known as Hollywood, wound up in the hands of a family who built a tar refinery. Workers of the tar beds unearthed the bones and teeth of prehistoric saber-toothed cats, woolly mammoths and dinosaurs. The family eventually gave the remarkable fossil beds, known as the La Brea Tar Pits, to Los Angeles County.

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History of Education

The 20th century has also been marked by the emergence of national school systems among developing nations, particularly in Asia and Africa. Compulsory elementary education has become nearly universal, but evidence indicates that large numbers of children—perhaps as many as 50 percent of those ages 6 to 18 throughout the world—do not attend school. To improve education on the elementary and adult levels, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) conducts literacy campaigns and other educational projects. UNESCO attempts to put every child in the world into school and to eliminate illiteracy. Some progress has been noted, but it has become obvious that considerable time and effort are needed to produce universal literacy.
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How the modern world has been influenced by the biology, cultures and history of humans

Roman expansion began in the days of the Republic, but reached its zenith under Emperor Trajan. At this territorial peak, the Roman Empire controlled approximately 5,900,000 kmC of land surface. Because of the Empire's vast extent and long endurance, Roman influence upon the language, religion, architecture, philosophy, law and government of nations around the world lasts to this day. A great civilation, an example of great visions. After the Great Empire of Rome, history offered us two genius, Napoleon and Hitler.

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The History of The White House

Construction of the White House was begun in 1792 after an architectural competition won by James Hoban, an Irish born architect who had immigrated to America some years earlier. After many delays and financial problems the building was habitable (but not completed) in 1800, when President John Adams and his wife, Abigail, moved in. Hoban’s original drawing of the north façade, which has survived, reflects the English-Palladian architecture of the mid 18th century.

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African american history

American History, a history of black people in the United States from their arrival in the Americas in the 15th century until the present day. In 1996, 33.9 million Americans, about one out of every eight people in the United States, were black. Although blacks from the West Indies and other areas have migrated to the United States in the 20th century, most African Americans were born in the United States, and this has been true since the early 19th century. Until the mid-20th century, the African American population was concentrated in the Southern states.

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The history of valentines day

On these occasions, amidst a variety of pagan ceremonies, the names of young women were placed in a box, from which they were drawn by the men as chance directed.

The pastors of the early Christian Church in Rome endeavored to do away with the pagan element in these feasts by substituting the names of saints for those of maidens. And as the Lupercalia began about the middle of February, the pastors appear to have chosen Saint Valentine's Day for the celebration of this new feast.

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Short Intel history

Intel Trademark
The name "Moore Noyce" was already trademarked by a hotel chain, so the two founders decided upon the name "Intel" for their new company, a shortened version of "Integrated Electronics". Intel's first money making product was the 3101 Schottky bipolar 64-bit static random access memory (SRAM) chip.

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American History

World War I broke out in Europe in the summer of 1914. The war set Germany and Austria-Hungary (the Central Powers) against the United Kingdom, France, and Russia (the Allied Powers), and eventually involved many more nations. The United States declared itself a neutral nation, but neutrality proved elusive. For three years, as Europeans faced war on an unprecedented scale, the neutrality so popular in the United States gradually slipped away.

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History of Agriculture

Prehistoric Agriculture  Early farmers were, archaeologists agree, largely of Neolithic culture. Sites occupied by such people are located in southwestern Asia in what are now Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Syria, and Turkey; in southeastern Asia, in what is now Thailand; in Africa, along the Nile River in Egypt; and in Europe, along the Danube River and in Macedonia, Thrace, and Thessaly (historic regions of southeastern Europe). Early centers of agriculture have also been identified in the Huang He (Yellow River) area of China; the Indus River valley of India and Pakistan; and the Tehuacán Valley of Mexico, northwest of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.
The dates of domesticated plants and animals ...

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Marile metropole ale lumii 2

Golful în care este situat Rio de Janeiro (Golful Guanabara) a fost descoperit de europeni pe 1 ianuarie, 1502, prin exploratorul portughez Gaspar de Lemos; l-a numit "Rio" pentru că a crezut că era mai degrabă o gură de râu decât un golf. Oraşul Sfântul Sebastian Rio de Janeiro a fost fondat la 1 martie 1565 în onoarea regelui Sebastian I al Portugaliei. Rio de Janeiro a fost capitala Braziliei din 1764 până în 1960, când guvernul a fost transferat la Brasília, dar acesta a rămas unul dintre cele mai importante oraşe din ţară, al doilea cel mai mare dupăSăo Paulo. Între 1808 şi 1821, în timpul invaziei napoleonice asupra Portugaliei metropolitane, oraşul a deveni capitala Portugaliei şi a extinsului său imperiu.

Sectoarele Oraşului
Oraşul este împărţit adesea între centrul său istoric (Centro), Zona de Sud dezvoltată în turism, cu plajele sale faimoase la nivel mondia, Zona de Nord unde dezvoltată industrială, Zona de Vest şi regiunea ...

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Angelina Jolie

In 2004 - Angelina joaca in "Taking Lives" , unde ea este un Un anchetator neobosit al FBI-ului care este trimis sa prinda un criminal in serie, care fura identitatile persoanelor pe care l-ea ucis, proces numit "furt-de-viata". Angelina Jolie joaca excelent in acest film, poate chiar cel mai bine!

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