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New York

Entertainment and performing arts. Today, New York City is the second largest center for the film industry in the United States. The city has more than 2,000 arts and cultural organizations and more than 500 art galleries of all sizes. Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is home to 12 influential arts organizations, including Jazz at Lincoln Center, Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, New York Philharmonic.

New York City Ballet and others. It is the largest performing arts center in the United States.There are more than 40 million international tourists visiting New York each yeain the past five years.

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New York

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New York is the most populous city in the United States and the center of the New York metropolitan area,which is one of the most populous urban areas in the world , called the heart of America. The city is divided in five areas: The Bronx , Brooklyn , Manhattan , Queens and Staten Island . Much of New York is built on a three islands of Manhattan , Staten Island and Long Island , making land scarce and encouraging a higt population density . The New York population is estimate at 8,3 milion people.

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New York

After the tragical event on September 11th 2001, New York also became a symbol of communication among its citizens. The mayor of New York at that time gave the city a sense of leadership and self-confidence among the US cities.

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New York

Milions of people are fascinated every night by Manhattan’s display of flashing neon signs.The Empire State Buiding,the Chrysler Building, and the Met Life Building are among the city’s best-known landmarks.Everywhere you look you will see exciting cityscapes and architectural panorams.
New York is a city of neighborhoods .You must visit Soho,the city’s current art scene center.It’s bars,restaurants,and galleries are among the favourite meeting places for the art world’s elite.

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Effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans

The storm surge impacted all 57 miles of St. Tammany Parish's coastline, including Lacombe, Mandeville and Madisonville. The storm surge in the area of the Rigolets Pass is estimated 16 feet, not including wave action, declining to 7 feet at Madisonville. The surge had a second peak in eastern St. Tammany as the westerly winds from the southern eye wall pushed the surge to the east, backing up at the bottleneck of the Rigolets Pass.

In the City of New Orleans, the storm surge caused more than 50 breaches in drainage canal levees and also in navigational canal levees and precipitated the worst engineering disaster in the history of the United States.By August 31, 2005, 80% of New Orleans was flooded, with some parts under 15 feet (4.5 m) of water. The famous French Quarter dodged the massive flooding experienced in other levee areas.

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Computer in the new world

Computer has also a big importance for the international relations.
Thanks to Internet it is possible the connection and communication
between people from different parts of the world. Now people learn and
compare information possibilities in ordinary libraries with the ones
which use electronic facilities.

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New Zeeland

While New Zealand is still heavily influenced by its colonial heritage, the country now has its own strong sense of identity. While still a member of the British Commonwealth, and maintaining close, friendly relations with the USA, New Zealand now has a far more independent trading and foreign policy. Since the mid 1980s, New Zealand has been a nuclear free zone, with its armed forces primarily focused on peacekeeping in the Pacific region. Today, even conservative politicians talk openly about New Zealand eventually becoming a republic - something unheard of until quite recently.

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Madonna original name is MADONNA LOUISE CICCONE American singer, songwriter, actress, and entrepreneur whose immense popularity in the 1980s and '90s allowed her to achieve levels of power and control unprecedented for a woman in the entertainment industry. Madonna was borned into a large Italian-American family, Madonna studied dance at the University of Michigan and with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in New York City in the late 1970s before relocating briefly to Paris as a member of Patrick Hernandez's disco revue.

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Tom Cruise

Cruise, Tom (1962- ), American motion-picture actor, who became a celebrity in the 1980s after his performance in Risky Business (1983), a satire of suburban adolescence. Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV in Syracuse, New York, he appeared in a succession of motion pictures in the early 1980s that focused on adolescent characters, then moved on to roles in such major productions as Legend (1985); The Color of Money (1986), directed by Martin Scorsese; and Top Gun (1986), a popular motion picture about United States Navy fighter pilots.
Cruise received praise for his performances in Rain Man (1988), in which he played the brother of an autistic man (see Autism), and Born on the Fourth of July (1989), in which he portrayed a paraplegic veteran of the Vietnam War (1959-1975) who becomes an antiwar activist. His other films include Cocktail (1988), about a bartender; Days of Thunder (1990), which he cowrote, about a race car driver; Far and Away (1992), about Irish immigrants to the United States ...

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Panica la New York referat Mass-Media

Panica la New York referat Mass-Media - Cu ajutorul reporterilor postului de televiziune , ei transmit imagini de la faţa locului. Postul de televiziune realitatea tv transmite că un avion de mici dimensiuni care a intrat în clădire este un avion de mici dimensiuni şi nu este un elicopter cum afirmau reporterii aflaţi la faţa locului . Cauzele accidentului nu sunt cunoscute momentan doar că avionul era în flăcări , că a rămas blocat . Panica la New York referat Mass-Media

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SUA - prezentare generala

O mare parte a coastei de nord a Atlanticului care apartine Statelor Unite este stancoasa, dar partea de centrala si de sud se ridica lin dinspre mare. La inceput ea se prezinta ca un teren jos umed si nisipos devenind apoi o zona depresionara deluroasa. Muntii Apalasi se intind paralel cu coasta de de est, iar dincolo de acestia se afla Depresiunea Centrala cu zona Marilor Lacuri pe o suprafata de apropae 1000 de km

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Monografia turistica a orasului New York

Pentru majoritatea turistilor , New York inseamna Manhattan ; primii locuitori ai insulei (situata in Golful Upper New York) au fost indienii Algonquin : triburile Canarsee , Reckgawawanc , Matinecock au descoperit in zona un tinut al abundentei : solul fertile permitea plantarea tutunului , cultivarea cerealelor , nordul era plin de livezi cu pomi fructiferi.

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S.U.A. sunt aşezate în partea centrală a Americii de Nord, între ţărmurile Oc. Atlantic (E) şi Oc. Pacific (V); plus Alaska şi Insulele Aleutian (în nord-vestul conti¬nentului) şi Hawaii (în Oc. Pacific). Limite: Canada (N), Oc. Atlantic (E), G. Mexic şi Mexic (S), Oc. Pacific (V). Teritorii dependente: Guam; Porto Rico, Marianele de Nord, Samoa Americane, Ins. Virgine Americane şi di¬verse insuliţe în Pacific.

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Orasul New York

În acord cu recensãmântul din 1990, New York avea 17 990 455 de locuitori fiind cea mai mare aglomeratie urbanã din Statele Unie ale Americi. Geografia New-York-ului este diversã, având în componentã 7 regiuni. Clima este temperat continentalã.

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New Delhi

New Delhi este un oras situat in nordul Indiei, pe raul Yamuna si este capitala tarii. New Delhi a fost construit intre anii 1912-1929 pe un loc din apropierea orasului Delhi. Acest loc a fost ales pentru a inlocui vechea capitala a Indiei, Calcutta. New Delhi a fost inagurat capitala a Indiei in anul 1931. New Delhi

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Daca hindusii, adeptii New Age, budistii, musulmanii si crestinii se inchina aceluiasi Dumnezeu

HINDUISMUL Majoritatea hindusilor se închina la o multime de zei si zeite, în jur de 300.000. Toti acesti zei converg catre un spirit universal numit Ultima Realitate sau Brahman. Brahman nu este un zeu, ci mai degraba o stare de unicitate ultima. Pozitia pe care hindusii o adopta în viata se bazeaza pe faptele din viata lor anterioara. În cazul în care comportamentul lor a fost unul rau, ei vor avea probleme mari în viata de acum. Scopul unui hindus este sa fie eliberat de legea karmei, adica sa devina liber prin continue reîncarnari.

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Backstreet Boys

Te duce gândul la un gentleman din Sud… Brian Thomas Littrell, singurul BSB cu un accent tărăgănat adorabil. S-a născut pe 20 februarie 1975, la Lexington, statul Kentucky.
El şi-a petrecut copilăria şi adolescenţa cântând prin biserici şi la festivaluri locale.În timpul liber stătea însă cu urechea lipită de Top 40 şi-i asculta pe Hammer, Boyz II Men sau Bobby Brown.
Brian este vesel şi plin de energie.De fiecare dată când se suie pe scenă, arată de parcă s-ar distra ca niciodată în viaţa lui.
Trăsătura lui caracteristică este simţul umorului.Îi place să râdă, să-i facă pe alţii să se simtă bine şi să-şi etaleze zâmbetul irezistibil.Unul dintre idolii lui este comicul Jim Carrey. Brian nu este la fel de arătos ca ceilalţi Backstreet Boys, ci mai degrabă atrăgător prin aspectul lui de american în formă.
Brian s-a născut la graniţa dintre vărsător şi peşti, este clar că are tot ce-I mai ...

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New York este si un mare nod de comunicatii, fiind primul nod maritim, portul, cu numeroasele sale avanporturi (Bayonne, Newark, Jersey City, Gulfport, Perth Amboy etc.), avînd cheiuri în lungime de peste 1500 km si un trafic anual de 149 milioane tone, detinînd primul loc între porturile tarii. Traficul de cabotaj este foarte însemnat, fiind reprezentat prin petrol (peste 40 milioane tone), peste, produse lemnoase si agricole. Pentru comertul international, portul New York se distinge prin traficul de produse industriale si importul de produse agricole tropicale, metale neferoase etc

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