Seven wonders of the world

The seven wonders of the world

The seven wonders of the world - The Pyramids are architectural monuments of the Egyptian world which were built by Keops,Kephren, and Mykerinos,and are considered to be one of the seven wonders of the world.The seven wonders of the world

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The 7 Wonders of the world

The 7 Wonders of the world - 2.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were bilded by the legendary queen Semiramida of the Babylon.The queen was abandoned in the desert by her mother and the legend says that she was feed by piegons and after that she was grown by some farmers.Becoming queen she ordered to build the castle of Babylon The Hanging Gardens.

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World War !

I INTRODUCTION  World War I, military conflict, from 1914 to 1918, that began as a local European war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia on July 28, 1914; was transformed into a general European struggle by Germany's declaration of war against Russia on August 1, 1914; and eventually became a global war involving 32 nations. Twenty-eight of these nations, known as the Allies and the Associated Powers, and including Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and the United States, opposed the coalition known as the Central Powers, consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey, and Bulgaria. The immediate cause of the war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia was the assassination on June 28, 1914, at Sarajevo in Bosnia (then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire; now in Bosnia and Herzegovina), of Archduke Francis Ferdinand, heir-presumptive ...

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World Trade Center

The day of 11th September 2001 will remain as a dark day in history. All people know about this day and what happened at this date. On this day, the terrorism reached its highest point since the beginings till now and maybe similar events will be greater. The twin towers were the symbol of the United States power and their destruction (11 September 2001) was a big loss not just for the American people but also for the entire world. The two towers of the World Trade Center were more than just buildings.

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Computer in the new world

In nowdays, the world is full of new inventions, different technologies that make our lives more interesting, dynamic and easier. Computer is the child of 20th century’s sensations. Many people are convinced that computer isn’t very important and necessary for people, but they are for away from reality. First of all computer replaces the man or lightens a lot the man’s work in many economical branches. A lot of companies and factories are equipped with computers that are provided with the corresponding soft ware, so their job is done more quickly and efficiently.

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Naval Vessel Types in World War II

This section describes the various types of merchant vessel.  These ships continued in their everyday tasks once war was declared, however all were exposed to the additional hazards of mines, torpedoes, air attack and surface attack without any meaningful protection of their own.  Instead, they had to rely on others to protect them from harm.

The descriptions below of merchant ships are focussed on their design during the Second World War.  Since then there has been a significant change in the arrangement of world shipping, with mass containerisation and massive bulk ore and oil carriers replacing the ships described below.  Along with an increase in size has come a reduction in crew.  It was not unusual to have a total compliment of 80 or more, whereas now it is not unusual to have a total compliment of about 25.  Improved designs (with respect to both safety and cargo carrying capacity) have generally removed the central navigation bridge, and the aircraft ...

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How the modern world has been influenced by the biology, cultures and history of humans

In Long Beach, California, people can admire a modern replica of the egyptains pyramids. They have inspierd us, they gave a good and normal sense to development. They gave us "a place of ascendance". The examples are more, much more. We can talk about Roman Empire and it's army. The roman legions taught a very important war lesson to all armyes: organization. On this base, the republic of Rome becomend the Great Roman Empire who dominated the world.

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How to represent Victorian worlds in literature

I.The historical effect of industrialization. The traditional English society can be imagined in the form of a pyramid which concentrates its absolute power at the top in the symbolic persona of the king or the queen. The dominant class within this pyramid is aristocracy. At this upper level of the system authority is inherited and not conquered by personal merits.

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Great people who influenced the world

Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 – April 18, 1955) was a German-born American theoretical physicist who is widely regarded as the greatest scientist of the 20th century. He proposed the theory of relativity and also made major contributions to the development of quantum mechanics.
After graduating in the faculty of Physics, he starts to work at Swiss patent office in Berna. In that period of time he discovers the theory of photoelectric effect and the theory of relativity.

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The World Is Changing

Sixty years later… history repeats itself.
September 11th 2001. Tuesday morning 8am. A plane crashes into one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. One hour later, the towers were no more. Over 3000 people died that day. ”History only repeats itself because we do not learn from it”(Anon). America attacks Iraq and, once again, the world is in danger of yet another World War.

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Broadcasting - Radio and Television

Previously the only means of delivering radio and television to home receivers, broadcasting is now just one of several delivery systems available to listeners and viewers. Sometimes broadcasting is used in a broader sense to include delivery methods such as wire-borne (cable) transmission, but these are more accurately called "narrowcasting" because they are generally limited to paying subscribers.

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Cele sapte minuni ale lumii antice

Scrierile contemporane ale celor care au vazut si admirat aceste minuni ne ajuta sa subliniem sentimentul de veneratie pe care acestea il provocau. Reprezentarile lor pe sculpturi si monezi le descriu asa cum erau in perioada de apogeu a gloriei lor, insa doar prin ochii arheologilor, care sapa la fata locului, acolo unde s-au inaltat odinioara monumentele si unde se mai afla acum doar urme fragmentare ale maretiei lor originale, mai pot prinde viata – Sic transit gloria mundi. De un singur lucru putem fi siguri : capodoperele de astazi vor fi maine relicvele fregmentare ale lumii pe care o cunoastem – lectia Celor Sapte Minuni constituie o lectie pentru toate epocile.

Marea Piramida de la Giseh
Este singura dintre Cele Sapte Minuni care mai exista inca intr-o stare completa si este usor de recunoscut ; de asemenea este si cea mai veche. Piramida lui Keops nu este un fenomen izolat, ci apogeul unui lung sir de evolutie a mormintelor, ce a culminat la Giseh. Atunci cand Keops a ...

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Cele 7 minuni

Nici cu celelalte sase monumente lucrurile nu sunt pe deplin lamurite - mai intai fiindca nu putem delimita totdeauna precis elementele mitice de cele istorice, apoi deoarece nu putem stabili decat cu oarecare probabilitate tehnicile folosite in constructie, in sfarsit, datorita faptului ca in unele cazuri suntem nevoiti a ne rezuma la presupuneri chiar si in ceea ce priveste infatisarea acestor monumente, deoarece sursele literare si iconografice (efigii pe monezi si altele) sunt fie sarace, fie contradictorii.
Este cea mai veche dintre minuni dar si singura care poate fi admirata si in prezent. Denumita si Marea Piramida (este cea mai impozanta din cele trei alaturi de care se afla), dimensiunile sale sunt impresionante: la baza masoara 230,4 metri, iar in inaltime are 147 metri. Cea mai mare constructie din istoria omenirii, cladita fara ajutorul masinilor, Piramida lui Keops este construita din blocuri de calcar (in exterior) si granit (in interior). Laturile ...

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Cele 7 minuni ale lumii

Are 36 de coloane in stilul ionic. Intre coloane se aflau statui reprezentand oameni si animale. Ca si placile care imbracau Piramida cea mare ca si blocurile de piatra ale vestitului Artemision din Efes, marmura alba a Mausoleului s-a risipit in alte ziduri ascunzand in adancul noilor fortificatii sau constructii povestea frunzelor sale; din edificiul care fusese una din minunile lumii n-au mai ramas decat fragmente prin muzee si cateva pietre de fundatie.

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Cele sapte minuni ale lumii

A doua minune a lumii antice avea cu aproape doua sute de ani mai putin decat piramida lui Kheops. Contemporanii lui Antipater au putut sa o viziteze la Babilon, care era, fara indoiala prima metropola a omenirii, insa aflat deja in ruina in cea mai mare parte inca din secolele al III-lea sau al IV-lea i.Hr. Persii si macedoneenii distrusesera cetatea Uruk, din secolul al VII-lea i.Hr. Turnul Babel din Vechiul Testament fusese transformat in cenusa cu mult timp inainte de Antipater. Existau totusi celebrele “Gradini Suspendate ale Semiramidei”, a doua minune a lumii antice.

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World Wide Web-ul o tehnologie de imbunatatire a predarii si invatarii

Acestea sunt cerinţe puternice, şi ele se aplică la K-12 la fel cât şi la studii superioare. Administratorii de şcoală şi de licee, guvernul şi societatea cer răspunsuri la asemenea întrebări. Unii vor spune că utilizarea Web-ului este inevitabil, deci nu e nevoie să fie justificat. Eu cred că dacă Web-ul merită timpul şi investiţiile noastre, trebuie să corespundă cerinţelor şi necesităţilor pe care le aduc aceste întrebări. Unde e posibil, eu voi aduce exemple la analiza mea despre instituţii şi indivizi care la moment activează pe Web.

Poate Web-ul face instruirea mai accesibilă?
Fiecare din noi are probabil diferită înţelegerea ce înseamnă „accesul la studii”, dar majoritatea vor fi de acord că aceasta înseamnă a face educaţia mai accesibilă de către mai multe persoane. Asta este asigurarea locurilor de muncă a comunităţilor, acasă cu facilităţi de studii, a acelor care nu sunt apţi să frecventeze şcolile sau colegiile ...

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