The legend of king arthur

King arthur and the knight of the round table

King arthur and the knight of the round table was the son of Uther Pendragon and defeated the barbarians in a dozen battles. Subsequently, he conquered a wide empire and eventually went to war with the Romans. He returned home on learning that his nephew Mordred had raised the standard of rebellion and taken Guinevere, the Queen. After landing, his final battle took place.

Tradition has it that after King Uther's death there was no king ruling all of England. Merlin had placed a sword in a stone, saying that whoever drew it out would be king. Arthur did not know his true status but had grown up living with Sir Ector and Sir Kay, his son. The young Arthur pulled the sword from the stone and Merlin had him crowned the King of Britain. This led to a rebellion by eleven rulers which Arthur put down. He married Guinevere, whose father gave him the round table as a dowry.

In the war against the Romans, Arthur defeated Emperor Lucius and became emperor himself. The last battle ...

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King Arthur and the knights of the round table

A magnificent reign followed, Arthur's court becoming the focus for many heroes. In the war against the Romans, Arthur defeated the Emperor Lucius and became emperor himself. However, his most illustrious knight, Lancelot, became enamoured of Guinevere. The Quest for the Holy Grial began and Lancelot's intrigue with the Queen came to light.Lancelot fled and Guinevere was sentenced to death. Lancelot rescued her and took her to him realm. This led Arthur to crossing the channel and making war on his former knight.

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Arthurian Legend , group of tales that developed in the Dark Ages concerning Arthur , semihistorical king of the Britons , and his knights . The legend is a complex weaving of ancient Celtic mythology with later tradiditions around a core of possible historical authenticity .The earliest references to Arthur found in Welsh sources the poem , Y Gododdin ( c. 600 ) , histories written in Latin , in the 9th and 10th centuries , and tales in the Welsh story collection The Mabinogion (c. 1100 ) . In one of these tales Arthur's wife , Guinevere , and his knights Kay , Bedivere and Gawain make their appearance .

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Who was King Arthur

The figure of Arthur begins as a war hero, the praises of whom are sung in war poems by the Celts and the Welsh. Y Gododdin celebrates one particularly brave warrior, then says he "was no Arthur." The Triads are full of wonderful, courageous things Arthur did.
The most important early source for Arthur's deeds is Historia Brittonum, written by the monk Nennius in the 9th century. Nennius calls Arthur dux bellorum and tells us of 12 great battles Arthur fought. Although Nennius tells us the location of each battle, those locations are hard to come by these days. Scholars are still arguing over the locations. Even the agreed-on locations suggest that Arthur got around--literally--from Scotland to the lowlands of Wessex to Wales.
He fought everywhere. He won great victories. A strong tradition has him a Roman heldover who uses his knowledge of cavalry to rout the Saxons time and again, counting on their inexperience in fighting mounted men.
And even though the authors likely have exagerrated ...

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King Arthur

He fought many battles as king with his trusty sward Excalibur which was given to him by the Lady of the Lake, Nynyve. King Arthur several residence, one of them was Camelot, which was his favorite. Camelot was in Southern England. There are two versions of the evens leading to Arthur’s dead. Both say he fought a war against the Roman Empire Lucies an conquered most of Western Europe.

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Shakespeare`s King Lear

It would be nice if we could say that William Shakespeare wrote King Lear when he himself was at an advanced age. We could picture him becoming concerned with retirement and the disposal of his property and goods. But the theory collapses when you realize that Shakespeare was only 41 years old when the first performance of King Lear was recorded in an official document.

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King Henry the VIII

In Cardinal Wolsey, the king, Henry the VIII, found an adviser who was essentially a transition minister, holding a middle place between an English statesman and a Catholic of the old order. Under Wolsey's influence, Henry made war with Louis of France in the pope's quarrel, entered the polemic lists with Luther and persecuted the English Protestants.

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Hamlet - atestat ppt

The watchmen who discover the ghost show Horatio.Hamlet is determined to take revenge.He is mired in self-doubt and philosophical reflection, and decides to pretend to be insane.An acting troupe arrives at the castle
Claudius jumps up when the murder is shown.After accidentally killing Polonius, Hamlet is sent away to England immediately.Ophelia loses her mind.Claudius convinces Laertes to seek his revenge against Hamlet.Laertes have a poisoned sword.

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The spanish tragedy - plot

The Spanish Tragedy begins with the ghost of Don Andrea, a Spanish nobleman killed in a recent battle with Portugal. Accompanied by the spirit of Revenge, he tells the story of his death; he was killed in hand-to-hand combat with the Portuguese prince Balthazar, after falling in love with the beautiful Bel-Imperia and having a secret affair with her. When he faces the judges who are supposed to assign him to his place in the underworld, they are unable to reach a decision and instead send him to the palace of Pluto and Proserpine, King and Queen of the Underworld. Proserpine decides that Revenge should accompany him back to the world of the living, and, after passing through the gates of horn, this is where he finds himself. The spirit of Revenge promises that by the play's end, Don Andrea will see his revenge.

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Scholars generally agree that many of the personalities of Beowulf also appear in Scandinavian sources,[8] but this does not only concern people (e.g., Healfdene, Hroðgar, Halga, Hroðulf, Eadgils and Ohthere), but also clans (e.g., Scyldings, Scylfings and Wulfings) and some of the events (e.g., the Battle on the Ice of Lake Vänern). The Scandinavian sources are notably Ynglinga saga, Gesta Danorum, Hrólfr Kraki's saga and the Latin summary of the lost Skjöldunga saga.

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The action takes place in Denmark around year 1200. The queen becomes a widow after the king Hamlet's death. Two month later she gets married. Her husband is the king Hamlet's brother, Claudius. But the young Hamlet is deeply sad and he wears all the time black clothes. He is very suspicious about his father's death and he thinks his step father is the murder because he spoke to his dead father's ghost.

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The Union Cathedral

(In 1597 the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral was rebuilt - because, over the years, the Church was damaged by fire - by Mihai Viteazul.)The plans for the building of the Cathedral in Alba Iulia were designed by the architect V. Gh. Stefanescu and were executed by the engineer T. Eremia.

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Sun Tzu - The art of war

Sun Tzu went on: "When I say "Eyes front," you must look straight ahead. When I say "Left turn," you must face towards your left hand. When I say "Right turn," you must face towards your right hand. When I say "About turn," you must face right roun d towards your back." Again the girls assented. The words of command having been thus explained, he set up the halberds and battle-axes in order to begin the drill. Then, to the sound of drums, he gave the order "Right turn." But the girls only burst out laughing. Sun Tzu said: "If words of command are not clear and distinct, if orders are not thoroughly understood, then the general is to blame."

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Explorations in Arthurian Legends

He was also the one whom everyone looked up to and whom everyone trusted to pass judgment if they had a dispute. Important men bowed to his authority and his wisdom He held court and was the arbiter of justice. He made his own laws and enforced them himself, with the respect of his subjects. He fought in battles and sent his knights out to do battle. As such, he was both king and battle commander.

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Charles Baudelaire et Jean Arthur Rimbaud

Abattu par une crise en mars 1866 il est transporte a Paris, aphasique, a demi paralyse et meurt en aout 1867.

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Retezatul -Taram Sfant pentru stiinta

Aici este un loc unde natura a avut mai putin de suferit din cauza oamenilor.Parcul National Retezat are peste 80 de ochi albastri- cele 80 de lacuri si tauri, in care se oglindeste albastrul cerului; cel mai intins lac glaciar din Romania(8,88ha), lacul Bucura, care se afla in mijlocul Retezatului; cel mai adanc la glaciar din Romania (29m),lacul Zanoaga, este tot aici; aici sunt peste 20 de varfuri mai inalte de de 2000 de metri; in Retezat se pot gasiaproape 1200 de specii de plante, aproximativ o treime din planete din Romania, iar din aceste 1200 un numar de 90 exista doar aici.

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