The sociolinguistics of english as a global language html

English - the global language of communication

English - the global language of communication

Throughout the modern history, the English-speaking countries have, somehow, dominated the global economy.
First, there was The Commonwealth – the British colonies, which included Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the world. The British administration was installed in those territories, and along with it, domination over every economical domain like trading and industry.
English was declared the official language of these colonies.
Then, in the last few decades, the USA has become the largest economical power of the world, reaching a very high level of development.
Nowadays, it is the European Union’s aim to achieve ...

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English Literature

The best of their productions is probably the passionate “Dream of the Rood.” In addition to these religious compositions, Old English poets produced a number of more or less lyrical poems of shorter length, which do not contain specific Christian doctrine and which evoke the Anglo-Saxon sense of the harshness of circumstance and the sadness of the human lot. “The Wanderer” and “The Seafarer” are among the most beautiful of this group of Old English poems.

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English speaking countries

Three quarters of the world's mail is written in English. Eighty per cent of the world's electronically stored information is in English. Of the estimated forty million users of the Internet, some eighty per cent communicate in English, but this is expected to decrease to forty per cent as speakers of other languages get online."

What our students say about English
"English is an easy language. There are no accents, the tenses of verbs are simplified and the adjectives are invariable", says Gustavo O. after three years studying it at school. Anaelle S. agrees with him but she finds the many different ways words are pronounced and the spelling difficult to cope with.

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English Language - Solution

1. But for owning her a favor, I agreed to help her.
2. He was too pressured by being in the public eye, and that has proven too much for him.
3. Scarcely had he bought the car, which it broke down.
4. I am fed up with all this violence on TV.
5. Don’t start solving the problems without doing the theory first.
6. I’ve yet to see such an extraordinary goal.
7. You won’t get to like your new job, but after a few weeks.
8. He has been reported of having being seen in London.
9. New computer systems began to be invested in heavily by local authorities at the beginning of the 1990’s.
10. Jack wouldn’t of left his job unless he had a good reason.
11. They sent us the wrong information, so it appears.
12. We were suggested to try a new method of checking our current expenses.
13. The glass has cracked when I dropped it.
14. Her sudden appearance has surprised me.
15. I wish I could see him again, which would be great.
16. If he would of listen to her advice, he would work ...

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Tari vorbitoare de limba engleza

By formal, I don't mean incomprehensibly academic - Prof Janson writes in a clear, logical and accessible way. But he doesn't add the personal asides or pop-cultural references that John McWhorter does. He is also more cautious in his assessments and conclusions. Don't be deceived by the small format, the catchy title, or the attractive cover (with its detail from a picture by Manet) - this is a serious work, which will repay close attention.

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English and everything you need to know

From England it spread to the rest of the British Isles, then to the colonies and territories of the British Empire (outside and inside the current Commonwealth of Nations) such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and others, particularly those in the Anglophone Caribbean. As a result of these historical events English is the official language (sometimes one of several) in many countries formerly under British or American rule, such as Pakistan, Ghana, India, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and the Philippines.

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Essay - 10 features that make English people different

Many festivals and holidays in Britain are centuries old. Every town, village and hamlet in Britain has its own traditions, some involving months of careful planning and preparations of costumes and choreography, others requiring simply a worrying desire to make a complete and utter fool of oneself.

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Latin elements in the english vocabulary

There were thus three distinct occasions on which borrowing from Latin occurred before the end of the Old English period, and it will be of interest to consider more in detail the character and extent of these borrowings. The evidence which can be employed is of various kinds and naturally of varying value. Most obvious is the appearance of the word in literature. If a given word occurs with fair frequency in texts such as Beowulf, or the poems of Cynewulf, such occurrence indicates that the word has had time to pass into current use and that it came into English not later than the early part of the period of Christian influence. But it does not tell us how much earlier it was known in the language, since the earliest written records in English do not go back beyond the year 700.

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English in my life - eseu

In the past century, English has become an international language mostly because of the technology progress, but also thanks to their effort in the global peace. People have contacts with English every day, every hour, and every minute. Every product contains indications written in English, most of the computers we buy have operating systems in English, or made by English corporations. We listen to English songs, we watch English TV programmes, we even express sometimes in English but, unfortunately, in unpolite ways.

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Tutorial HTML

Tutorial HTML - Ce este HTML-ul? HTML este prescurtarea HyperText Markup Language. HTML este cea mai populara limba a web-ului. Pagini si sit-uri web sunt scrise in HTML. Cu HTML si WWW, poti aduce in acelasi loc texte, sunete, poze, si link-uri. Documentele HTML pot fi compuse si editate pe orice tip de calculator. Tutorial HTML

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HTML Hypertext Markup Language

Despre taguri:Tag-urile sunt niste marcaje sau etichete pe care limbajul HTML le foloseste alaturi de texte pentru a ajuta browser-ul de internet sa afiseze corect continutul paginii web.Aceste tag-uri (etichete) pot fi de doua feluri:tag-uri pereche (un tag de inceput si unul de incheiere). Exemple: si ; si ; si ;tag-uri singulare (nu au un tag de incheiere) Exemple: ,
. - cu acest tag incepe orice document HTML.

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Sistemul global de monitorizare a climei

Exemple de parteneri:WNO,IOC,FAO,NASA.Programele care exista in general sunt proiectate ca sa precizeze informatii de un anumit tip care este valabila pentru distributie nationala si internationala.

Informatiile de la GCOS,GOOS si GTOS vor fi deseori colectate,analizate si documentate la un standard necesar intelegerii modificarilor climatice.

Ghidarea si evaluarea a sistemului GOSIC de SSC (Science Steerning Comnittees)ale celor trei sisteme de observare.GOSINC prezinta rapoartele la intilnirile cu Science Steerning Comnittees si primeste directiuni pentru cercetarile de viitor.

GOSIC ofera un motor de cintare in toate centrele lor de date pentru a falicita un acces rapid la o serie de produse si observatii globale.Totodata GOSIC explica accesul online pentru programele,informatiile si serviciile oferite.

Programele online include informatii despre cercetarii care conduc proiectele de observare despre comitetele de conducere,date stiintifice etc. ...

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Impozit pe venit global

- sa intre si in locuinta, cu acordul proprietarului, sau cu hotarare judecatoreasca;
- sa ridice un extras sau sa faca o copie dupa orice document;
- sa retina orice document care poate constitui o dovada in determinarea obligatiilor fiscale, pentru 30 zile;
- sa solicite ajutorul, cooperarea contribuabilului pt indeplinirea atributelor profesionale;

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Pozitionarea obiectelor html in document

Pozitionare este abilitatea de a plasa elementele HTML la o anumita locatie bine definita in document, prin coordonatele x, y si z. Asta inseamna ca se pot plasa elemente – imagini, controale, text etc. – exact unde dorim si astfel obtinandu-se efecte speciale prin definirea intr-o ordine speciala.

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Dupa cum se poate vedea, se pot utiliza mai multi parametri in cadrul aceluiasi tag FONT. Acestia nu se despart prin virgula, ci printr-un spatiu.De retinut ca parametrul FACE poate primi mai multe fonturi.
Astfel, un tag de tipul ... va instrui browserul sa utilizeze fontul Verdana, iar daca acesta nu este gasit, sa utilizeze Arial.

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