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After signing a contract and closing a deal the seller and buyer pursue a very concrete goal: delivering and receiving the goods or services which make the object of the contract. This aim is equivalent to the partners fulfilling their obligations stipulated in the contract. However in both domestic and international trade plenty of difficulties can come along.The buyer can make complaints against the seller because of delay in delivery, non-delivery or short shipment, inferior quality of the goods supplied, wrong goods shipped, faulty packing and marking, wrong documents and non observance of the buyer's instructions as to transportation, insurance, storage..

Seminarii similare:

The seller can complain against the buyer for unreasonable amounts claimed from him and for the buyer's failure in ensuring quick transportation.The structure of a complaint letter should be organized in order to explain exactly what is wrong. The first paragraph should contain essential information such as: what was the product/service ordered /expected. Why you were dissatisfied and how-you were affected.
The second paragraph should state what is wanted of the individual, company or organization. Redress should be requested firmly but it is only when milder methods fail that a direct demand for compensation is advisable.

The goods complaints letter is clear, concise, courteous and reasonable in its proposals for adjustment.It is of the highest importance to make clear what is wrong and how you want it adjusted. Make sure of your facts and transmit them accurately. Be precise about dates: quantities, size, shapes, methods of shipment, types of containers; be specific in setting forth the nature of the loss or inconvenience you have suffered and the adjustment you consider ought to be made.Mistakes are bound to be made and you should not turn them into your right to abuse others.

It is important to be concise in order to make the presentation as clear possible. Go over your letter to make sure that no irrelevances of super fluous words have been used.
It is important to be reasonable in demands for an adjustment. Unfair demands may arouse suspicious of your claim, prolong investigation and delay adjustment.Complaints can be generated by:
1)Seller's fault;
2)Buyer's fault;

3)The fault of the both parties.
The buyer's complaints can be generated by:
1)A fault in the quantity or quality of the product/service.
2)Non-observance of the buyer's instructions regarding, packing, marking, shipment, warehousing and insurance.
3)Damage of the product during shipment.
4)Delay in delivery.
5)Faulty or unsuitable packaging.
6)Faulty documents.
7)Force majeure.

The seller's complaints can be generated by:
1)Buyer's failure to observe payment terms: delayed payment, failure to pay for the goods, failure to open a L/C as per contract stipulations, failure to notify the buyer about the shipment.
2)Faulty documents.
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