Confusing Words

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To teach= to give instruction
Teach is normally used with an object and the infinitive.
I taught my brother to read.
To learn= to gain knowledge
Learn can be followed directly by the infinitive.
I'm learning to play the piano.

Seminarii similare:

When you damage something, you harm or spoil it.
A fire damaged the school.

If you injure someone, an animal, or a part of the body, you cut the skin; break a bone, cause bruising, etc.
I injured my right arm when I fell off my bike.

If you hurt someone, an animal, or a part of the body, you cause a feeling of pain.
Did you hurt yourself?
Stop! You are hurting my arm.

Hurt can also mean to feel pain
My arm hurts.

Healthy and fit both indicate that a person is physically strong and isn't suffering from any physical illness.
Healthy refers to the condition, which are good for someone's health, or the outward signs of good health.

They have healthy children.
This cold weather isn't very healthy.

Fit suggests that someone is in good physical condition, particularly as a result of taking regular exercise.
'How do you stay so fit?'
'I go to keep-fit classes'
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