Educational sistem in Moldova

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Pre-school education is the first level of education (2/3-6 y.). It comprises kindergartens; they can be public or private, offering diverse educational programs corresponding to the national educational standards.Primary education (I-1V forms) is for children from 6 to 10. It is provided as full-time attending.

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Gymnasium education is also full-time (V-IX forms) for children from 11 to 16. Children come to gymnasiums after primary school graduation. Gymnasium education finalizes with a graduation exam comprising more subjects. The gymnasium issues a Certificate of studies in the form required by the Ministry of Education.

Lyceum (High school) education (X-XII forms) provides fundamental theoretical training and creates conditions to enter higher educational institutions or vocational schools. Lyceum education is 3 years. Admission to lyceum is only through examination for gymnasium graduates or polyvalent vocational school graduates. Lyceum education finalizes with bachelor's exams and the graduates receive a Diploma of Bachelor. If somebody fails for the first time, then he (or she) has the right to take the exams not more than twice during the next 3 years.

Most of the universities are owned by the state. But there are many higher education institutions that happen to be privately owned too.
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